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Ha, Agreed! :)

Posted by Eeyore on Monday, April 27 2020 at 00:28:20AM
In reply to Masks ... posted by Baldur on Saturday, April 25 2020 at 10:08:26PM

I never did get the arguments about legal gun owners needing to be outlawed when most of the gun crimes take place with illegally obtained weapons in specific urban hot spots. I'm no gun fanatic, but I heard somewhere that if you took away those urban areas with all the illegally obtained weapons, the gun crime rate in the US would be comparable to Switzerland. That floored me.

To be honest, I've also always believed that if you've done your time but are on a publicly accessible offender list that reveals your home address, then your right to having security to ensure your survival in a late-night doorbell ring outweighs any limits that thwart your ability to defend yourself in your own home.

Why do they wanna take away ALL the guns?

Pol Pot? What say you? (All Cambodian men are pedo, right? Wait, he's dead. Nevermind.)

My first time even seeing a gun was a guy on a motorcycle doing open carry in Arizona. I was absolutly shocked and feeling slightly scared, Even though he was clearly just going about his daily routine. Where I'm from, only cops and ghetto gangstas ever had guns. I've learned a lot since then.

MAP March? Who would pay for their hotel rooms? You know what they said about the Million MAP March... almost nobody missed work. Nah, it's just that we only see what's on the internet, and the internet tends to be populated by people who live on here.

Wait, did I say that out loud? No wonder all the latch key Millennials living with parents into their 30's disapprove of me:p

Hey, I'd do it if there were at least 100,000. We'd definitely need to be packin' legal heat, tho. That whole feminist Co-Exist bumper sticker thing doesn't include us, and these days I've actually become sorta proud that it doesn't:p

I shoulda been in chat Saturday. I hope some of you were. Happy Alice Day:)


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