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MAPs and ZOOs

Posted by Frank on Wednesday, April 08 2020 at 8:41:30PM

There has been discussion on VoA of the possibility of an association being formed between zoophiles and MAPs as ZOOs are likely more accepting of us than, say, the LBGTQ+ community. I'm still trying to form an opinion on this despite many days of contemplation.

But a question does come to mind; May ZOOs show porn on their sites? (they can't show nudity as animals are always clothed, and they mustn't show acts of bestiality; but they could show animal-animal sex even with juvenile animals)

I'm gonna struggle to correlate ZOOs with us MAPs even though I have no objection to human/animal sex. There are many implications in an alignment of our two organizations imo. What do you think?

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