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My dog is better

Posted by Sobakevich on Thursday, April 02 2020 at 01:28:48AM
In reply to You'd have preferred Killary? posted by hierophant on Wednesday, April 01 2020 at 2:47:34PM

than trump, even when my dog has a bad day.

I'd rather have Hades as president than trump!

Hillary is an adult compared to this petualt, narcissistic man-child currently in W.H.

If he listened to adults in this administration, his "predictions" about infections would have been actually correct.

If he didn't gut CDC budget, America would be protected. Still "acting" Russ Vought maintains cuts were OK, even now in the midst of the outbreak.

If Hillary were president, American's wouldn't have COVID19 in the first place. Or at most very minimal exposure to it. Sh'd listened to professionals instead of "hunches" trump spewed.

I can go on, but know cult followers will never listen to voice of reason!

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