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I am heavily burdened with Covid 19

Posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, March 25 2020 at 6:11:19PM

No. I don't have a fever other than my red-faced anger. No, I don't have a cough. My nose isn't running. My chest is fine.

It's all the damned nonsense that's going on with this world-wide deadly horror.

People: of every 100 people who definitely HAVE the virus, 97 will get over it. They have been doing that ever since it left the pangolins and jumped into human beans. Of course, that 100 people are those who have reported it. There are that many and more who don't get sick enough to need hospitalization or, if they do get a fever, they don't tell anyone because of the fear of getting locked up or in. Doctors are now saying that the mortality rate is actually less than 1%. That is, of every 100 people who really have the virus, 99 people get over it.

Nevertheless, let's all cry that the sky is falling (like the stock market did the other day) and the wolf is chasing us.

For crying out loud, the economy is coming to a stop because of the normal, everyday flu. We get a flu season every year! People normally just feel miserable enough to say home anyway when they get it.

Today, someone sneezes and the entire country screeches to an economic panic-stop.

Damn: I miss my bumper-to-bumper rush-hour traffic show in the front of my apartment door.


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