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Wrong words used

Posted by Gimwinkle on Thursday, March 26 2020 at 7:28:38PM
In reply to I have the virus. posted by LGsouL on Thursday, March 26 2020 at 6:51:46PM

The economic ramifications of this panic may cause more problems than the virus itself.

Not "may cause".

Should be "is causing".

The economy has already tanked. Thousands of people here in Toronto are already laid off. My marina has been shut down with just a security guard sitting at the telephone. Boat launching in two weeks? Cancelled. When will they start launching? Next year, maybe.

I had two orders on Amazon that were to be delivered in two days. One day later, they cancelled both so I had to reorder. Delivery was one month away and probably going to be late. I said, to hell with them and cancelled the orders again.

Home Depot has one door open and a line of 40 people waiting outside to get in. I left after 5 minutes with nobody moving. All hardware stores are exempt from the mandatory shutdown because it is an essential business. Furniture stores, movie theaters, public parks, and more are not. But, my ghod, why in hell is the beer store exempt as an essential business? Beer? Marijuana, too! Exempt. (Can you say, TAXES?) But why public parks? Fresh air without the virus floating around: that's what parks are for!

For some reason, I can't buy a roll of toilet paper.

Rent and mortgages are deferred for six months (if needed). Banks still will charge interest on it all, though.


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