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Posted by Hajduk on Friday, March 27 2020 at 02:45:43AM
In reply to Wrong words used posted by Gimwinkle on Thursday, March 26 2020 at 7:28:38PM

They tell us not to greet people with physical contact, but the Roman salute is banned in Yoorop. What in Caesar's green Empire?

Many places are resorting to curfews. But they're doing so stupidly. They are banning people from being out at night... when the night is much safer because fewer people are out at night! Curfews should ban people being out during the day instead, when more people are out.

I've heard that places which will remain nameless are tightening up their already tight gun control. Why would you do that? Looting is happening in a few, but widely distributed, places around the world. It is a good idea to have an armed populace right now.

I've also heard that authorities are expecting that violence against women will increase. First of all I can't wrap my head around the causality they are supposed to be using. Then it comes to my mind that this is actually a pretty misogynistic thing to say; that women can't be safe if they're at home. And then it comes to my mind that this is exactly the opposite of the discourse we were hearing right before Corona; that women were unsafe in public places. So which is it? Feminism became a metanarrative and is now unfalsifiable; it's a religion, not a political position and much less a scientific approach to social problems. Oh well.

You mention marijuana, but obviously it's an essential industry. Pot advocates say it cures everything so it probably also cures Covid. That's why they're open. Instead of the hospital treatments, people should just smoke some joints and they'll be all right.

I've read that powder cocaine cures it too. Unfortunately it's rather expensive. But I guess when you're sick, you think it's worth it.

It's still suspicious to me how many famous people (in all sorts of famous activities) are infected. That's way more than they should be by random chance. (I.e., being infected at the same rate as non famous people). I won't say I'm a conspiracy theorist because I'm not proposing a particular explanation, much less a conspiracy based one... but it's still rather strange. If what you have to do to survive is to be young and not have one of certain other conditions, it seems that what you have to do to not be infected is to not be famous.

In particular I'm worried about Weinstein. The guy is locked up. So he was already quarantined for different reasons before the virus quarantine began. This means that either:
* Someone (who was infected elsewhere) has regular access to him, enough to exchange fluids: prison corruption.
* Someone who may not have regular access to him still had the capacity to send him a virus sample which he would become infected by: a different form of prison corruption.
* Nobody has access to him, but the virus can be airborne: recommended preventative measures are inadequate and won't be enough.
Either possibility is worrying.

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