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anyone ever read Wilhelm Reich?

Posted by headwind on Wednesday, December 09 2009 at 7:31:51PM

He has some pretty crazy ideas about a lot of things, but he also has some pretty okay ones about kids and sex. From Children of the Future, Collins Publishers, Toronto, 1984:

"During the past century, our parents and grandparents have repeatedly tried to penetrate the wall of social evil with all kinds of social theories, political programs, reforms, resolutions, and revolution. They have failed miserably every time; not one attempt at an improvement of the human lot has succeeded. [ . . . ] Is there, then, no hope at all? [ . . . ] We can help if we realize fully the tremendous hope entailed in an entirely new, hitherto unheard-of kind of social development which has entered the scene: The international interest in the child. [ . . . ] We cannot possibly hope to build independent human characters if education is in the hands of politicians. We cannot, and dare not, give away our children in such a shabby manner." (from pp. 5-7)

"We will present facts to demonstrate that the dilemma facing young people is quite different from what it is generally believed to be. The choice is not between a moralistic and abstinent life on the one hand and sexual smut on the other, but between a healthy and a pathological sex life. The fact is that all young people and children, without exception, indulge in sexual activity, even those who most loudly promote "sexual morality." [ . . . ] The central question is that of sexual intercourse in adolescence and the attitude of society toward it. Young people have more than merely a right to be "enlightened [i.e., taught about sex]; they are fully entitled to their emotional health and their sexual joy in life. This right has been taken away from them." (from p. 162)

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