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Re: anyone ever read Wilhelm Reich?

Posted by Goethe on Thursday, December 10 2009 at 01:42:06AM
In reply to anyone ever read Wilhelm Reich? posted by headwind on Wednesday, December 09 2009 at 7:31:51PM

Yes, his name has always cropped up from time to time, but I never really got around to reading his material. He appears to state some good ideas, but I kinda gasped when he said:

"The international interest in the child."

One of the biggest disasters ever. Look at all this global crusade has actually caused. This broken record collectivist catch cry "What about 'OUR' children of the world!" is now bellowed from their global roof tops and relentlessly pummeled at us from out of our radios and tv sets. This movement has been the "God send" that the antis and the smotherers of youth were long after. I get so fucking sick and tired of these obsessed mother fuckers droning their mawkish sanctimonious do-gooder bullshit. "What about the children!" has become the psychotic manic syndrome of the U.N global busybody crazed sheeple masses, and of course it is politically underpinned by an overwhelming anti component.

In the name of "children's rights" these imposing global fascist busybodies have done nothing except enact oppressive laws against youth and the free will of individual families to do things their own separate ways. They are so absolutist, inquisitional and fanatical that they even railroad over and completely IGNORE if individual PARENTS are ok and cool about their offspring indulging in certain things! Even approval and green lights given by parents towards their children is still not good enough for these totalitarian bastards; in fact parents are often prosecuted if they allow their offspring to take part in anything the fascists don't happen to like them doing. These global busybodies have the utter audacity to speak on behalf of youth while euphemistically referring to their treacherous crusade as being in the name of "child rights". Yes they call it "protection", but this is mostly protection against the freedoms of choice that youth actually WANT.


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