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It's been a good while...

Posted by Spike on Wednesday, June 10 2009 at 6:15:47PM

Since I had a GM, and they say that good things come to to those that are patient, and wow was I was ever awarded last night! I went to a friends graduation last night, I was so honored to be there to watch yet another lgf from my past, reach a milestone. Afterwords, she invited me back to her house where there was a party going on for her. I went, only intending to stay a little while, and then leave. When I got there, mostly adults were around, and there was some laughter, and talk about the future, and such talk that graduations seem to dredge up. I looked up to see a 3 yr old little girl looking straight up at me and smiling! She came right up to me and said "What's your name?" which I replied "Spike" (not really but you know) and she said "My name is H" (not really but you know) and we went into the living room and sat down. She asked me lots and lots of questions, where I came from, why I was there, and how I knew "B" the graduate...I answered all her questions, for a 3 year old I was intrigued by her language and how proper she talked! She then did a very odd thing, she got up, came right up to me, crawled onto my lap and then said "I like you Spike!" and then stuck her thumb in her mouth, laid her little head on my chest and went sound to sleep (took about 2 mins tops for all this to happen!) She had strawberry blonde hair, very cute face, and though she is not quite in my AoA she still had me weak in the knees! The first thing I was struck with was her smell, like I said it's been a while since I've gotten this close to a lg, and that smell brought back so many memories, it was literally overwhelming me! I was breathing her smell in, and that smell...I don't know if you guys know what I'm talking about here, but every lg that I've ever gotten close to has a distinct smell about them that just overwhelms you, it literally is intoxicating, it's almost like a frangrance from an oil that just saturates your nose, and you can literally taste it it's so strong.... this smell I totally forgot about until this little girl climbed on my lap and went straight to sleep in my arms. After a while, her sleep was interrupted by her Mother coming into the living room, and apologized to me for her doing that. I told her not to apologize, and she said "H doesn't usually do that kind of thing, she must really like you!" and then the graduate comes in and says "H found herself a boyfriend? Well she couldn't pick one better than Spike!" Talk about an honor! I am truly blessed to be the man that I am!


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