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Amusing Exclusions on Pride Month

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Sunday, June 02 2024 at 3:47:47PM

There is huge debates going on in the pride sphere over whether or not bi should even be included. Too much privilege they argue since they are half straight anyway. One post that had thousands of likes say they shouldn't be included due to most bi people being white. Among the crime of being half straight as well.

It's amusing to me because this is the natural end of a system which rewards exclusion and putting a small amount of people into the group to be treated well with the increasingly acknowledged sentiment that those outside of that bubble should not be treated well.

Used to be the golden rule of treat everyone who you want to be treated. Close to what I think should be the rule, just treat everyone with kindness regardless. No exclusions. Not the lesson society wants to tell our kids these days unfortunately though.

Instead it's a mad dash to get into the bubble of increasingly both legal and cultural protection and those that not only don't get protections, but actually have increasing legal and cultural penalties applied against them.

Rest assured no matter whether bi people end up making the cut on whether they get to be treated with respect or not, pedophiles will not be on that list.

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