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From my perspective Trans is now somebody's weapon

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, June 07 2024 at 04:35:06AM
In reply to link: posted by Eeyore on Monday, June 03 2024 at 03:34:38AM

There have always been a highly small percentage of people who naturally gravitated *on their own* toward taking on the persona of the other sex. This was always begrudgingly accepted or simply ignored by the general public. I never cared much about it myself.

Now it is heavily promoted. Claims that it is only "celebrated" is a lie. It is being promoted, and young straight girls and straight teen girls, sadly, are the most prone to falling victim to it, and are identifying with it in disturbingly high numbers now, via the social contagion factor. When one girl in a group of friends declares her new identity, it tends to follow that her fellow female friends follow suit. I've been a witness to it myself.

Part of this has to do with the mental differences between boys and girls. Boys typically can sympathize with the plight of their fellow male friends only to a point. "Gee, sorry, man. I hope things get better." (Nevertheless, males with Autism represent a curiously high proportion of male transitions.)

Girls go much deeper. Their sympathies often go so far as to try to imagine and then sympathetically mimic their friend.

I have witnessed this firsthand among girls, and have also witnessed a confused gamer male with autism change his gender for a period of time, only to return to male status later once his influences went away.

Gender roles and identities have been around for, well, more than millennia. In every culture, in every part of the world. There have always been honest anomalous individuals to these expectations. And they have also been tolerated.

However, these are also some of the most basic building blocks of all civilizations, and when these building blocks start being *proactively destroyed* in both popularized mainstream culture as well as in schools for children, well, it starts to look more like an itinerant "weapon" rather than a mere small-number anomaly born of simple chance.

At that point? Sorry, everything ch-ch-changes. The Strange today is a weaponized tool.

(And seeing young girls being tricked into thinking they can be male? ...angers me more than almost any other bullshit being mainstreamed into the American culture today.)

Sorry if I'm not exactly in line with the original intent of this thread. It's been heavy on my chest for a long time.


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