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Latino Influx To US Brings Age of Consent Troubles

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, April 24 2024 at 02:42:29AM

It's been quite the hushed connundrum. Nobody's really talking about it out loud yet. Feminists and others are slowly discovering that, south of the border, the cultural norms are a little different, and our AoC laws haven't yet made much of an impression upon our gmassive group of newlies.


Well, that alternate culture is quickly being imported, isn't it.

Anyone a little older than a cell phone can remember the old naughty saying: "If there's grass on the field? Play ball!" It used to be a controversial and debated assertion.

For the very most autistic, the translation means "pubic hair indicates puberty, and puberty is or should be, the point when sexual intercourse is socially acceptable."

From the best I am personally able to decipher, the age of 14 appears to be the general age of acceptable sexual activity south of the border. The fact that so many of their females seem to have their first child at 15 would appear to confirm what I've witnessed.

I don't feel a need to express an opinion on any of this at this time. I only feel I have a responsibility to place this Truth out into the western ether. Nobody, friend nor foe as yet, seems to be willing to "go there".

Why not?

(Snarky ending self-deleted.)


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