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The "Poltergeist" girl's bowel conspiracy.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, January 05 2024 at 05:01:40AM

So I've encountered many an O'rourke fan over my years interacting with fellow girl lovers. She is legend to many. And honestly? She definitely was quite the cutie. Not at that age to me, but definitely later to me as well. Saddens me that she left so soon.

And with bowels starting to present as an interest, there are the typical rumors and facts needing explanations for the properly informed. Otherwise, fantastic assertions based in both fantasy and hostility appear, and they all appear legit to the uninformed.

I'm not into the very-littles, but she was still very cute later, just before they apparently gave her steroids based upon a misdiagnosis, which bloated her face near the end, something which she was documented as saying she was very embarrassed about.

So there were always rumors and whispers about her fatherless and financially insecure mom... a theme that curiously reappears often for other selected female Hollywood child stars...

But I'm getting off point. She did pretty well in her acting career. The bowel issue was deemed to be a genetic condition, post-mortem. A condition which usually presents symptoms and discomfort for years before becoming a serious issue.

Apparently, however, Heather never exhibited these symptoms prior to her sudden health emergency and death at age 12, due to this serious bowel rupture.

And so the rumored pedo-hatred conspiracy machine got creative as always. If not a genetic condition, then what else as a cause? Easy to see where it goes from there.

...But it would seem to me that proving that rumor true or false would not be so difficult if anyone, without an agenda, ever delved into it. Who was in her life at the time? Were there ever any accusations? The truth should simply be the truth. She was a sweet girl who should have had a long prosperous life ahead of her, and so all the more, her legacy shouldn't be tarnished by pruriant suggestions which forever just sit out there in the ether as unknowns. This wonderful young girl deserves a far better treatment than that.

Truth, always, though. Come Hell or high water.


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