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Billille Jean lyrics revisited.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, March 22 2024 at 0:47:22PM
In reply to I don't have a need to deny boy love... posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, March 20 2024 at 05:05:14AM

Did Pepsi unknowingly run a boy-love dog-whistle as a commercial??

I'm open-minded enough to explore that possibility.

So I always liked this song. There was some sort of secret drama about it.

But I recently tried to place myself in a boy lover mindset, and suddenly I was noticing a different possible meaning of the lyrics from the popular one. Could it be? I'm not sure. One verse in particular immediately stood out, however:

(Sorry, html stopped working at this board years ago.)

Billie Jean is not my lover.

(Okay, pretty straighforward lyric.)
(Popular interpretation: I swear we never had sex.)
(Boy lover interpretation: This ain't about sex with a female.)

She's just a girl.

(Popular interpretation: She's so young that I would never have had sex with her.)
(Boy lover interpretation: I am focused on boys and as we all know, we don't put much interest into what females have to say about anything on this other love.)

She says I am the one.
(Popular interpretation: He is the father of her baby.)

But the kid is not my son.
(Popular interpretation: He's denying he is the father.)
(Boy lover interpretation: They all think this song is about me fathering a child with her, but he's not my offspring. This is really about something other than fatherhood with this boy.)

I dunno if that's some hidden meaning to the song, but I can see it as a possibility.

Also, I like mama Jackson. Always got a good sincere vibe from her.


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