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my reaction to this story...

Posted by lemondolphin on Thursday, January 04 2024 at 09:06:37AM
In reply to Florida Woman. posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, December 06 2023 at 04:10:09AM

Whenever it's a a woman with an underage male, news media likes to inflate it's significance and outrageousness. I do not condone her actions in the least - she catfished teen boys who are already probably confused about sexuality as it is, from growing up in the age of free internet hardcore porn...but really, worthy of a news story and all those charges?? Really??? Ridiculous!! I know of a 40 yr old man who took a 15 yr old girls virginity for comparison, and he spent a few years on probation and nothing more.
This woman is practically a child herself, still. She is 22! The age difference is less than 10 years. this is hardly a middle aged woman preying on 12 year olds, trying to kidnap them for a sextortion ring...
This is very silly. I abhor her actions, but still...not the crime of the century.
This is blown way out of proportion and it's absurd.

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