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Florida Woman.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, December 06 2023 at 04:10:09AM
In reply to Girl news. More welcome from out there, somewhere. posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, December 06 2023 at 03:57:54AM

I really wanted to feel bad for her. I think she's pretty darn cute. I started thinking, maybe she just really is as innocent as her looks convey, and maybe she honestly just feels most comfortable around boys in that age range. She's a bit older and horny, and they're as horny as can be at that age, so maybe it's not always so intentionally deviant.

Then I saw the shoplifting part of her and realized yeah, she's just one of those chicks who's into the thrill of the danger of getting caught. Been there, done that. No thanks.

Still though, I really want to know how she got outed. Did one of her boyfriends out her, or was it some overbearing mom who was snooping through her son's personal life? I'd bet it was the latter.

Yanno, there was a time.. (cue Jame-Brow song) when a dad would take his son aside, explain to him how man and woman interact, hand him a beer, and tell him that he was now a man. What has become of society:(

Still, I thought she was pretty hot though. Her kink for them somehow aroused mine for her. Ever so briefly.


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