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Highly important post.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, November 02 2023 at 04:25:09AM
In reply to Autism, GirlChat, and the Bystander Effect posted by Baldur on Wednesday, November 01 2023 at 08:31:36AM

There is no question that I often have a personsal quandry regarding autism, especially its more extreme forms. Truth be told, it has sometimes driven me to near-madness in the past.

OTOH, when I sit back and contemplate, it becomes easy to see why an adult autistic male can come to sincerely adore a young female. He's finally found someone whose logic he can understand on a base level, and totally agree with, without any intended hidden usurper motive at all.

Society has yet to wrap their head around that possible reality.

It's been difficult for me as well. Humanity is not driven by reason alone, not even by those obsessed with reason.


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