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Autism, GirlChat, and the Bystander Effect

Posted by Baldur on Wednesday, November 01 2023 at 08:31:36AM

Several times in the past it has been noted here that participants at GirlChat have a higher rate of autistic traits than would be expected from the general population.

And a recent study regarding autism and the bystander effect might explain why.

The Bystander Effect refers to the tendency of people to be less likely to intervene in a bad situation if other people are present. There might be multiple reasons for this: social cues, not wanting to rock the boat, or simply an increased assumption that it is someone else's job to take care of the problem. Perhaps even a shirking of responsibility when it can be plausibly laid on others.

But the key point of the study is that people with autistic traits are less likely to be subject to the bystander effect.

From the article:

" They are less likely to stay silent in the face of gross misconduct or even just everyday mistakes, pointing to the positive aspects of autism and how organizations can benefit from hiring more neurodivergent people, findings reveal.

" “Our study shows that to the extent that they would act if they saw something wrong, employees with autism were much more likely to intervene, regardless of the number of people present. And in situations where they would not intervene, they were more likely to identify the influence of others as the reason, whereas neurotypical employees were more reluctant to acknowledge this,” says lead author Lorne Hartman, an instructor with the Schulich School of Business. "

While this answers some questions, it also raises other questions.

Faced with the catastrophe of living in a society that in its ignorance and supreme arrogance has outlawed the love of children, it makes sense that those who are less attuned to care about the approval of others would be more likely to want to take action and to see what they can do about it, which would result in places like GirlChat attracting participants with a higher rate of autistic traits than average.

But the evidence points to the love of children being almost universal in humanity. Does this mean that the overwhelming majority of the population also understands the disaster - implicitly if not explicitly - that has befallen our culture, but simply feels unable to do anything about it, overwhelmed by what appears to be universal approval of this state of affairs?

We have often felt the despair of living in an upside down society where Love itself is seen as the supreme crime, but how much of this is real hatred for Love and how much is ordinary, neurotypical people having been falsely convinced that EVERYONE ELSE has descended into such madness, and being unwilling or psychologically unable to speak up or take action against it?

We, at least, have found each other to reassure ourselves that we are not alone - but how many others are living quiet lives of desperation knowing the truth but psychologically unable to take action?

Recent events have caused me to believe that females are especially vulnerable to such psychological abuse, as they inherently feel a much stronger need to be accepted by others than do males. As such it seems that most females can be manipulated into even the most unnatural beliefs and into supporting the most ludicrous causes if they can be convinced that everyone in their peer group approves of these beliefs and causes. Autistic males on the other hand exist at the other extreme edge of the spectrum in this regard - which means that these are the people who are best able to see beyond the delusions of the age they live in, and most able to take action in the face of overwhelming opposition.

If this is the case it would go a long way towards explaining the rise in anxiety and psychological disorders in our society, especially among women.

And it also highlights why it should be a high priority to utterly annihilate this mind virus which has taught our society to despise Love.

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