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Halloween Notes, Anyone?

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, November 01 2023 at 03:20:57AM

My little unexpected Hallow's Eve experience was amusing for me.

Unfortunately, personal caution means leaving out some details which might make more sense and make for a much better story, but hopefully it's still sort of amusing. Yes, it actually happened.

So it was after dark, and I was exiting a non-residential building which is very close to a residential area. The building is.. er.. well, it's not open to just anybody, but especially after hours. Being the workaholic that I am (whistles innocently) I was the last person to leave and lock up, and I was leaving from a door that's sorta dark and off the beaten path. I literally hear "LOOK! There's a guy!" Followed by the desperate pitter-patter of whatever those patent leather boots are, that go up the calf, with the big heel on the bottom. Whatever they're called, they obviously make running more than a little awkward.

From the darkness, I behold two teen girls in costume running toward me, holding on to one another, so as not to fall. I'm wondering what's about to happen, as my brain tries to predict what I need to prepare for.

"Hi, can you let us use a bathroom?? We were trick-or-treating and we really need to pee! Like REALLY bad! We don't really know this area, pleeease??"

One of them is wearing some sort of black goth outfit. Her boots are also black. The other looks like a spooky Raggety-Ann doll, in a very short blue checkered dress, with braided pigtails, sort of a country-feel Raggety Ann. I could make it more interesting and say they were twelve, but in reality they were probably about 15, let's just say 14.

At first, I told them I can't let anyone into the building, but they pleaded with me in sincere youthful bladder desperation. "We'll be real quick, we promise!"

In retrospect, this is where the "bowm-chikka-bowm-BOWM" theme music starts in my mind, with various deviant scenarios about the second half of this true story.

In reality though, I eventually sighed, and as the urinary gatekeeper I decided to use my golden key for good, to let them pass and find relief without a price, but still reminding them that I could get in big trouble for this granted generosity to such attractive young ladies.

They sympathized and thanked me profusely as I showed them to the ladies' room, thanking me again on the way out. I reminded them to stay safe as they strutted off in their sassy outfits. They assured me they would, as this non-smoker suddenly felt the urge for a cigarette.


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