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Remember when Doxxing was new? We were there.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, October 15 2023 at 03:05:50AM
In reply to We've been twenty years or more ahead of everyone posted by Baldur on Sunday, October 15 2023 at 02:39:05AM

Historians may correct me, but I believe this first became a "thing" for actually, the right wing, targeting abortion doctors... one of which, I remember, was murdered as a result of his doxxing.

I realize American memory length is often said to be that of a goldfish, which has yet to be disproven actually, but still..

Those of us who've been witness to history for many years have no reason to lie. The debacle still unfolding requires no need to lie. It sells itself as appeoaching disaster.

Going back to the now conveniently forgotten doxxing of abortion doctors, I can say wholeheartedly that I've since turned more in line with having babies and future children is GOOD. Not simply for pervy old us, but for society itself. Yeah, it does throw a wrench into feminist ideals I suppose, but they've already effed everything up on the most basic foundational levels of any expectation of a productive society. (Some claim this had an actual deconstructive purpose, but what the hell do I know aside from seeing the actual fruits of a movement that tried to enlist me as a young child in the 70's? That shit is so over. And the high ranks already know it.

Stop killing unborn infants for selfish convenience.

Stop transing people before puberty or even the age of reason.

Stop promoting a culture that values above all else, the elimination of future offsping.

Those who brainlessly support this decades-long astro-turfed cult, while simultaneously claiming to nevertheless love kids? Time to pick a side.

Your ballroom days are over.


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