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We've been twenty years or more ahead of everyone

Posted by Baldur on Sunday, October 15 2023 at 02:39:05AM
In reply to We were 20 years ahead of you, Vlad. posted by Eeyore on Friday, October 13 2023 at 6:38:08PM

Pretty much every civil rights violation directed against the public ... was directed at us twenty years or more ago.

Cancel culture? How about Harry Mirkin? or Rind, et al [1998]?

Debanking? Many companies that provided lawful services directed to us found themselves suddenly without a way to make financial transactions, and of course Operation Ore / Operation Landslide resulted in hundreds of false accusations and a fair number of suicides due to banks and government conspiring to act against pedophiles and making some huge errors that ended up affecting non-pedophiles too.

Fake news? Nearly half a century of vicious fake news directed against us.

Deplatforming? Definitely us.

Jail time for holding unpopular opinions? Yeah, that was us too.

Courts that routinely ignored the law so long as they could nail someone they didn't like? Yes, us again.

I'm sure there are more examples that are escaping my mind at the moment. It's all rather depressing, yet somewhat humorous that the people who pioneered these civil rights violations in the modern era to use them against us are now being targeted themselves ... and yet they don't even recognize that they pushed hard to establish the precedents that are being used against them. They don't even recognize that they pioneered all these crimes against us, and they still support such crimes being committed against us. I've lost count how many times I've seen people lament that certain crimes are being committed against them, only to say that no one should have such crimes committed against them ... except pedophiles, who are obviously the exception in their minds.

I'm beginning to lose hope for the non-pedophile part of humanity. It seems like basic human rights are a concept beyond their mental or moral capacity.

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