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Courtship. A severe distinction.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, October 13 2023 at 8:07:46PM

It recently occurred to me, that I've always had a previously unconscious distinction regarding trust of other child lovers. There seem to be those who are only out for their own physical satisfaction, and those who desire something deeper and more meaningful, which includes courtship.

After writing it, it appears to be very obvious, but I'm not so sure it really is. I've always taken to other girl lovers who express a value for courting the girls they are attracted to. There is deeper meaning in the respect and honor shown toward the one you adore. I've known others who seem to completely lack this component, and more often than not, they always seemed to be the ones who both give us a bad name, and almost always wind up in prison. (I do realize well-intentioned people also sometimes get persecuted, but that is an aside.)

It's a very basic distinction, but one that really should be noted. The girl that deeply knows you adore her is far less likely to ever turn on you.


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