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The new (old) conflict. Early first impressions.

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, October 11 2023 at 03:35:43AM

Invasion was REAL.

Invasion was not a simple caught-off-guard moment on an otherwise high-alert major anniversary by the greatest intel agency on the planet. I mean seriously, come on, man. Cyber attack narrative maybe helps a little, but wow. Not totally buying the total package.

Joe Biden's face looks more and more like that old-man Jeff Dunam comedian doll.

Keep people caged like animals without hope or a future, and they will behave in kind.

Innocent bystanders do not deserve punishment, but this is exactly what happens when you generalize an entire people to be evil, or especially against God himself.

Both sides who believe such, can then freely slaughter anyone of other side.

Some sides are more barbaric than others.

Err.. some sides' mothers are bigger than others?

Wait, that might be related to The Smiths or odds of male offspring turning gay. Scratch that unrelated mindstorming comment.

Sorrry, I was great at checkers. Chess is for the brilliant and wise humanitarians, and the global takeover-ists who sit in high elevations competing with one another for poll-position against the same humanitarian common folk.

Still, kidding aside, my early-instict of dozens of beheaded babies is feeling an awful lot like Iraqi incubator babies.

I would say "I hope I am wrong", but that would also be bad. Humbly speaking, undeniable proof would be a game-changer on that claim.

I dunno... that particular part just feels like bad writing, especially noticing just how many tak-talk folk glommed onto it instantly without any research whatsoever.

"I want to believe." (But I do NOT want to be anyone's sucker.)

I saw the weakening-objective Soros thing. They should do us a solid.They could if they actually wanted to. *Shrug* I don't know any of the real that goes on outside the narratives.

(For whatever it's worth) The first girl I ever had affection for (I was 4, she was 3) was Jewish, and her family was highly practicing in their faith.


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