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also curious ...

Posted by Baldur on Sunday, October 15 2023 at 02:49:23AM
In reply to it has been an interesting week ... posted by Baldur on Sunday, October 15 2023 at 02:03:06AM

I forgot to mention:

Other curiosities, never mentioned by media:

Israel was, by many accounts, on the verge of civil war over controversies about changes to the judicial system, when this attack unified the country.

The current Israeli government is "conservative" (by Israeli standards), and one of the worst hit targets in the recent attack was a kibbutz. Kibbutzes traditionally had very left-wing politics.

In the 1980s the Israeli government supported Hamas as a counterweight to the Palestine Liberation Organization. Does the Israeli government still have ties to Hamas? Are they calling the shots?

Which leads me to another disturbing question: Did the Israeli government purposely create a living hell for two million Palestinians to ensure that there would always be an external threat that they could point to in order to unify their own people behind them? Is Gaza being maintained in order to give the Israeli government a ready bogeyman to keep their own people in line? Are there any other places in the world that are similarly being used in this way by various governments?

Are we maintained as "internal enemies" for a similar purpose of control?

Follow ups:

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