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I´ve returned after a long hiatus...

Posted by lemondolphin on Tuesday, September 12 2023 at 8:39:38PM
In reply to "Some girls are psychopaths." posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, July 05 2023 at 00:12:42AM

to ask a question, but now I can´t resist answering this one (although not directed at me.)
Whatever the case may be, you will not be an accurate judge of it. You are too subjective, due to your particular attractions. Also, you are not a trained child psychologist. How accurate do you think you can be in 1) separating your personal interactions and emotional reactions to a girl from her mental state across environments and in different relationships, and 2) distinguishing apparent psychopathic traits between a truly callous and unemotional lack of conscience and a strategy adopted for different motivations such as survival?
¨Child Of Rage" may be an example of the latter...
When I was little, my legal guardian took in a foster girl. One night, this girl woke me up just as I fell asleep because she was bored. No regard for my sleep, she didn´t care that I was tired or that I needed rest for school tomorrow - the only thing that mattered to her is what she wanted, and she expected me to entertain her instead of sleeping because she was bored. Well, I responded to her needs. I tiredly turned over in bed to face her while still half asleep so she could chat with me, despite not wanting to. But my free arm smacked her (lightly) when I turned over. A moment later, my guardian walked in because she heard talking after bedtime. This little girl starts crying to her and claiming I HIT her - as in violently punched her! So my guardian starts coddling and comforting her, and carried her to the living room. My guardian yelled at me, and I was in big trouble. I went also into the living room and I stood in front of them, while the little girl sat on my guardian´s lap getting cuddled. I professed my innocence and tried to defend myself. My guardian wouldn't listen and was very angry at me. As I am standing there obviously distressed, almost in tears...this little girl was coyly SMILING. She faced away from my guardian and smiled, watching me be distressed, and getting in trouble for what she knew was not my fault. She loved it. I was a bit shocked by that.
Yeah, there are definitely girls like that - manipulative, self-serving, without any regard for others, totally unconcerned for what harm or pain they might cause innocent others. The question is - will you be able to detect it? I was also a child. I was able to see it in that particular instance. But from your vantage point, will you? It´s hard to say...

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