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"Some girls are psychopaths."

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, July 05 2023 at 00:12:42AM

Posted 7/4/23.

Has this statement ever entered the thought stream of any of my fellow girl lovers?

It took many years to occur to me. I don't think most of us tend to wonder about such things. We're too obsessed with other details.

The condition is lifelong. It doesn't just magically appear in adulthood.

I'm sure there are much better definitions, but in essence it means an individual who is incapable of sympathizing with other people, incapable of feeling mercy. Incapable of understanding what it means to treat others as you'd wish to be treated.

Many of us seem to know the tell-tale signs of this condition in adults. However, even adults with this condition are often extremely charming to their fellow adults, thereby illiciting a very high opinion from those around them, because they know exactly what their fellow adults want to hear. And if it results in status, wealth, power or fame, then why wouldn't these adult psychopaths learn exactly what their admirers want?

Well now apply that to little girls who seek the same things. Psychopaths probably readily excel in gathering fans and admirers at these ages as well, because they, too have no reason for inhibition, nor honesty, when it comes to things like the ever-important goal of young girls: Popularity. Approval. Praise.

On a side note, I'm sure they don't hesitate to prove just how brave they are in accepting a challenge, nor to make other young girls question or feel bad about themselves in order to be top girl.

Just imagine how this might translate to their public internet presence.

Just something that occurred to me a while ago.


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