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Health in general now a tool for acquiring power.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, August 27 2023 at 00:32:01AM
In reply to The mental health religion. posted by hierophant on Saturday, August 26 2023 at 06:28:06AM

Mental health is just part of the whole. And those who buy into it and follow its rules often express the same fanaticism found in religious cults. Everyone else MUST follow the rules of the cult, or else.

Hijacking of climate lore is another one many people are drawn into. Far too many people who claim not have any religious beliefs are lying to us. Many of them have simply traded theocratic apples for secular oranges in their own lives, but both still exhibit very similar traits.

You must obey, and dare not question either individual or their groupthink, as you instantly become their infidel, worthy of a righteously ruthless crusade.


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