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The mental health religion.

Posted by hierophant on Saturday, August 26 2023 at 06:28:06AM

The mental health religion.

When it comes to mental health science. The science of mental health is hindered by base assumptions that are taboo to challenge. Although mental health therapy and practice are based on studies the studies done in the mental health field do not challenge base assumptions. The mental health field has moved beyond it's previous misunderstandings diagnoses and treatments it still has many more to move beyond. I still believe it is best for those who need someone to talk to to avoid shrinks. Shrinks are mandated reporters and they believe as does the public that minor attracted people eat Children's souls despite there best efforts to hide their hatred in the so called safe space.

The mental health practice is still a religious practice and not a scientific practice. Not only that but the mental health industry has not managed the pharmaceutical industry very well. Shrinks are still very quik to prescribe the crap the pharmaceutical industry calls medication.

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