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Old post, undated within the text. My fault.

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, August 22 2023 at 03:59:04AM
In reply to I read RFK Jr's statements often. posted by Eeyore on Monday, August 21 2023 at 02:03:48AM

Quite sad, that including a date within the text of my posts is needed. I'll run with, anywho. But this was not the actual post date of that post above.

This is why we can't have trusted things. Next post will certainly be dated after this one.

Also, thanks for the opportunity for a sincere hat-tip to RFK Jr..

He's absolutely dead-on correct on his info. He always is. I fear for him, but he clearly knows his acceptable risk-level for dumping truths upon the common folk. If nothing else, admire the precarious limb he has chosen to climb out upon, to inform his fellow countrymen. It took some major guts.

Take the time to do some deep research. Look up the chastised and mocked assertions that the US was researching (basically, germ-warfare to kill *racially-based* perceived enemies), biological warfare (UN, why so silent?), doing the research in other countries (and not only Ukraine), to circumvent the laughable placed research restrictions at home.

Yes, it includes research into killing people of specific races and regions, based on their specific DNA. How do the far-left-of-center Americans feel about this?

They don't. They plug their ears and declare the whistleblowers liars, because in their minds, they are on a fast-track to power, which will never actually arrive for them and their political visions wished, many going back all the way to the 1960's. For them, this is their final roll of the dice, going for broke. By the time all of them see what was really going on, justified upon their own backs, they will have already served their purpose.

Allow me to drop the "useful idiots" term here yet again. Note that I was once with them.

I wouldn't exactly be shocked if other nations were doing the same research. The point is, it is a research direction bound to destroy all of humanity. Why would ANY nation dance this dance, inviting others to join? It's not logical.

Am still willing to wait for that grand "epiphany" moment, when they realize they were nothing more than tools for their masters. Yet I won't be revelling in the confirmation myself, because it won't be anything to celebrate. It will be a horror for humanity, and an equal horror to dislodge once it is already firmly in place.

That's basically what I see and believe, and I discern hard before believing any narrative that merely feeds my pre-existent tendencies. All of you believe whatever you believe, to whatever extent you can or cannot be manipulated with easily agreeable information.


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