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Sound of Freedom or Sound of Evil?

Posted by starlet_Luver on Tuesday, July 18 2023 at 5:26:45PM

"Sound of Freedom" is a film that has just been released in theaters. The story revolves around a evil man called "Tim Ballard" who is portrayed as a Batman-like character who travels the globe rescuing "Children" from sex trafficking. Here are a few links to articles in the press about him and the debut of the film.

Additionally, here is a link to Newgon's wiki page about "Tim Ballard" and how he and the groups he worked with deceived and misled citizens and governments in two different countries in order to put three of OUR VERY OWN FRIENDS (Marth, Norbert, and Nelson) from the MAP community in jail on fictitious and false charges. We even lost one of our great warriors Ad who passed away just weeks before he was about to expose even more evil details about Tim Ballard and the other organization he works with including O.U.R. so called "adoptions they offered" for the "saved children".

The evil organizations Tim Ballard belongs to and the atrocities of "Child Sex Trafficking" are used for more than just wanting to carry out GOD's will. They are attempting to gain power and money by exploiting this terrible situation. Gaining control with the aid of "Those Kinds of MAGA Christians," who are likewise on their OWN JOURNEY to attaining power and dominance, NOT in the name of GOD but in the name of themselves. Do not misunderstand what individuals like "Tim Ballard" and those with whom he is associated want from this whole situation.

It's not as if these "MAGA Christians types" are unfamiliar with trading their souls for power; this is how the world came to have a monster who goes by the name of "Donald Trump".
When these "MAGA Christian" types use the words "BUT" with "MONSTER" (Something I have pointed out in this posts a few years ago they consistently ignore one important truth that they utilize to try to dispel the evil that they surely see in Donald Trump. They (MAGA Christian types) claim that GOD works through flawed or evil MEN to accomplish good. This is undoubtedly true, but GOD NEVER praised or gave honor to the evil men GOD used...NOT Once! GOD's own formula points out why, "No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other."

If you conduct a YouTube search for the "Sound of Freedom" movie reviews, check out the reviews by "MAGA Christians" who endorsed this film, you will notice that they have a common message. They will remark, So what if Tim Ballard embellished the facts and figures in this film? So what if Tim Ballard lied about his life in this film? What does it matter if Tim Ballard and the performer who portrayed him in the film are Q-ANON devotees? So what about the numerous lies and misrepresentations in this film? Tim Ballard is a hero and he is a "Godly Man"

I weep, I weep for such people who say such things. For I am a believer in GOD and our Savior Jesus Christ but I am not one of those "Types of Christians".


Just in case Dissident, Butterfly Kisses, or the others barged in on what "THEY NEED TO SEE" in my post and call me a liberal or a "Trump derangement syndrome" sufferer like here ( I will like to say this again for this post and my previous posts are of the same.

"This has never been or will ever be about politics for me. Those who see with their eyes that are not attached to their pain or hatred will clearly see what this is about"

Much Love,

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