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Perfect Example of "WHAT THEY NEED TO SEE"

Posted by starlet_Luver on Friday, July 21 2023 at 2:08:11PM
In reply to Sound of hate for Hollywood. posted by hierophant on Friday, July 21 2023 at 00:12:36AM

Do I even have to point out this person's anger and hatred from the glasses he is wearing? Nah, I do not have to; it is TOO OBVIOUS (sigh).

For over 20 years now, you have always struggled to see "What is There".

I recalled your struggle with this a few years ago here:

and I tried to show you "What is There" here:

Only to have you quietly acknowledge "What is There" when someone else made it simple for you here:

In the 20+ years you have been here, I can't even remember you having the kind of "attention span" to even notice or care about people like Norbert, Marth, or Ad, who tirelessly try to alter this world for child lovers. Like your short "attention span" not even reading the links on how EVIL individuals like Ballard are trying to destroy "us" (ChildLovers) in order to obtain money and power by using us as a tool. In the hopes that you will actually read it, I'll provide the link again:

At least you are not like some of the top posters (WHO ARE STILL HERE) who were actually paying attention when Norbert, Marth, and Ad were here, only to have these top posters ignore these three brave men. Also there are 4 top posters (WHO ARE STILL HERE) who ridicule Norbert, Marth, and Ad's work, which I view as sad and a terrible, terrible mistake from these 4 top posters. So at least give credit to your short "attention span", for it makes you innocent in that regard.

In another ironic twist to your lack of "attention span" for the 20 years of you being here, I remember you hating Christians (For personal reasons, I'm sure), so give further credit to your short "attention span" for NOW you are supporting "Christians" (well, those kinds of "Christians" at least).

So in time (Perhaps after you get over your personal problems with Christianity), you will see "What is There" instead of "what you need to see". 


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