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I made a small error

Posted by Rainbowloom on Wednesday, June 14 2023 at 01:59:22AM
In reply to GOD PLEASE GIVE ME A LITTLE GIRLFRIEND posted by Rainbowloom on Wednesday, June 14 2023 at 00:40:08AM

Spermarche / Menarche is more like 12 on average, but many girls and boys get it as early as 10 or even earlier.

The point is it is different from individual to individual, so setting one number for the age of marriage say it's the average age of Spermarche / Menarche that would be counter-beneficial. Anyone, I mean anyone regardless of age, if they are displaying and exhibiting the sings of wanting to be in a sexual partnership, it SHOULD be ALLOWED to be through marriage. But it's not. But we have to make it so that it is.

Because otherwise she thinks it's too long to wait and it is more beneficial to her to choose the route that's morally incorrect, before she even necessarily has the faculties to determine it's morally incorrect. We have to culturally make early marriage a thing again, so that by the time she's experiencing sexual arousal she knows what to properly do with it.

Instead of having sex just because it feels good, she should be taught that it occurs within marriage and she has that option when she rightfully expresses the need for it and not later.


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