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Posted by Rainbowloom on Wednesday, June 14 2023 at 00:40:08AM

Okay so... I'm a virgin, I'm a 19-year-old-looking pedophile attracted hopelessly to little girls roughly age 6 and up, I'm not giving an upper limit 'cause if I marry you then you'll always be attractive to me.

Someone goes "Well what about when she's not a little girl anymore" I'm like, she'll just always be a little girl in my eyes, if I knew her then.

And a mature adult in whatever ways she wants to be seen as a mature adult.

I just aim younger.

For the relationship to start, because, I'm a pedo, I absolutely NEED to meet her when she's still an actual little girl that's just my sexual / romantic orientation. I'm not saying it would have to become sexual then, actually I'm intending to wait until marriage, whenever that becomes legal in any given State.

I'm one of the fortunate pedophiles who can potentially be attracted to an adult if I met her when she was a little girl at least before she became a teenager and then watched her grow up essentially, and was her partner in chastity through all of that, actually I think the only people who should ever have sex are those people who are in true and faithful lifelong monogamy through marriage, though I think the age of marriage should be at the onset of puberty in a given individual because if you possess the pheromones you attract potential partners and if you possess the hormones then you know instinctively how to behave, and both those things happen around the age of 6 in both genders. On the other hand, the age of consent to sexual relations before or outside of marriage, that should be as high as the age of majority, because the act itself and the circumstances and consequences of it are typically going to be, negative and it's reasonable to say you should be the age of majority, and your own responsibility, before incurring those consequences, subjecting yourself to those circumstances, and committing that act.

You choose to go to Hell basically, if you commit premarital or extramarital sex, unless you honestly repent for your sins and that means acknowledging them as sins and confessing them to God and outright refusing to repeat them. And it should take time, and God understands. But know this, at least half the problems in society stem from the fact that the non-religious fuck around, and the entirety of the world's child exploitation enterprise exists because the age of marriage is so obstructively high.

I'm talking SENSE you FOOL.

You can divide pedophiles up into good pedophiles and bad pedophiles. Bad pedophiles are the monsters you have every right to be concerned about, because they fuck with kids, and that's a SICK and TWISTED thing to harm the chastity of any person but specifically a child and it has SEVERE and LIFELONG CONSEQUENCES, for the person who was harmed and SEVERE and TRANSCENDING CONSEQUENCES, for the person who did the harm. Good pedophiles actually are just always defending kids from bad pedophiles, as well as bad / excess parenting and we know the truth about God and Nature and are actually the INVERSE of bad pedophiles. Bad pedophiles enjoy violating smaller human beings whom they view solely as sexual objects and use them for a twisted form of sexual gratification despite all the foreseeable and unforeseeable negative consequences of that, and watching the children and everyone who loves the children suffer in the aftermath of the bad pedophiles' destructive force. GOOD pedophiles enjoy giving smaller but whom they see as fundamentally equal human beings a special form of love and pleasure that is meant to be eternal, and in the form of marriage, and never harms the child but rather protects their mind from belligerent evils.

I worked on that paragraph for half an hour!

Okay so now the good pedophiles, roughly one 3rd of all pedophiles in my estimation, have to force change the law so that we can marry children and the bad pedophiles, roughly two 3rds, cannot harm them. And we do this by coming out of the proverbial toybox with a motion to lower the age of marriage specifically.

A child cannot effectively choose premarital sex. A child can effectively choose marriage, which involves in traditional terms a young female selecting a male guardian that is not her own relative.

A child can do this because she possesses the pheromones to attract a potential partner and the hormones to secure one with her behaviour.

No one HAS to choose an early marriage but, they should be allowed. And anyone of any age should be allowed to be the object of their romantic affection.

I'm not saying only traditional marriages are good either.

I'm saying that pedophilia is just courting a traditional marriage, when manifested naturally and in God's presence.

But society forgot that and put us all into the same basket, damning the sexuality itself instead of those who use it to do evil. And millions upon millions of good pedos have lived emotionally solitary insufferable lives and in many cases have committed suicide. Because our attitudes towards children and good pedos need to drastically change in a lot of cases.

It's so sad the degree to which our society segregates older males from younger females.

I have to go to the playground, 'cause that's the only place I'm gonna find a virgin who's attractive.

But even good pedos who just wanna be friends with children, who are too old or see themselves as unfit to marry, those pedos should be accepted as well. But I'm a young, attractive pedo, and I'm decreeing that even in the era of today, especially as a 19-year-old-looking person, I have significant shot at marrying a 16-year-old in 4 to 10 years depending on how old she is now, I'm just saying, we shouldn't have to wait anywhere near that long. I could just, take care of her.

And there's nothing disgusting about that, married partners are meant to take care of each other, each according to their own capacities and the other's needs.

I will sit by the playground and little girls will flirt with me and I would throw fists if you were ever to try and make me leave, but you won't because believe it or not, good pedos are getting somewhere, people are starting to see that we have a point, and attitudes are shifting towards genuine acceptance on the condition we're not going to molest children.

I mean someone's parents were okay with her sneaking up behind me while I was sitting underneath a tree and yelling at full volume "HEY! HEY PEDO! LOOK! LOOK AT HER!" and then another little girl about 10 to 12 went by on a scooter. I'm inclined to believe the whole neighbourhood knows what I am just from my behaviours, and yet, everyone is learning to trust me. Or already does.

We CAN successfully be ourselves in public, check out girls, flirt with them, even befriend them, even marry them when they come of legal age, and we do have the power and the numbers to affect change, and specifically we should aim to lower the age of marriage to the onset of puberty while raising the age of consent if it is too low.

Try explaining to me why a child should have the ability, nevermind the capacity to consent to a sexual relationship that is not within the context of an already existing marriage that they represent a half of.

But we have to make that possible though, otherwise children continue being exploited and mistreated. I mean that we as a society have to make it possible for a child to enter into a romantic partnership and marry someone of their choosing once they have reached puberty, if they have the capacity to want such a thing and they often do, otherwise, you're hurting them whether intentionally or unintentionally. You're making them wait too long to do it the right way, and they get bored frustrated or simply give up on life and start fucking around with porn or bad pedophiles or other children, it's all bad, and so many kids are doing it in a wrong way because you don't give them the opportunity to do it the right way anywhere CLOSE to IMMEDIATELY enough upon their PHYSIOLOGY LITERALLY CHANGING to signal they are ready, and this happens at 6 a child can effectively choose a partner to begin the courtship process and at 10 is when spermarche / menarche makes a child physically and psychologically ready for sex, those are averages I know, and according to every single religion that emerging sexuality should be within the context of marriage, WHY on EARTH do we DELAY the PROCESS, FORCIBLY, for SO LONG? I'll tell you why. It's because the age of marriage being something other than puberty was instituted IN ORDER TO CREATE the child exploitation enterprise that we know today.

Two 3rds of pedos may be bad, but two 3rds of the human population in general is bad and wants the child exploitation enterprise to exist or, they don't care if it exists. Therefore, it exists.

But God gave good pedophiles the individual and numerical strength to end it, and we do it by coming out of the proverbial toybox and forcing society to accept the good among us.

And we serve as your children's guardians after your parenting is no longer effective.

This concludes this post.


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