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I read the first half.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, May 25 2023 at 04:10:28AM
In reply to Thanks my friend, EXACTLY MY POINT..... posted by starlet_Luver on Wednesday, May 24 2023 at 2:42:42PM

And oh, look. The fully expected boring tag-team.

Why such scornful jealousy? You have more invested in me than I have in myself, and honestly, that feels very disturbing.

Why not tell all of you, since PJ and by default, all organized LEA already knew it long ago.

I knew Flick in person for quite some time. Like, completely away from this internet.

So play your chest-pump games or whatever, as you invest your entire souls into message board dominance for life-meaning.

I was only asking in that post for someone else, someone who I knew to be trusted, to contact the powers that be here for a possible responsibility.

You people look so incredibly petty, obsessed with your weird power struggles, an online-only existence which gives your life a desperate meaning.

We clearly do not think the same way. Sorry if that offends you.

In the same emotional babysitting vein:


My Go-Go's link was not directed internally toward any in our community. And it feels rather tedious to have to even say so, but such is the nature of present reality and males with incredibly thin skin.

I've always seen that song as pretty good women declaring their independence from undue societal judgement, and with just one who dares to go a step further, to make people think.

The best songs are supposed to be open to the interpretation of the individual, after all.



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