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Thanks my friend, EXACTLY MY POINT.....

Posted by starlet_Luver on Wednesday, May 24 2023 at 2:42:42PM
In reply to Flickorna was outed a long time ago... posted by Plyushkin on Wednesday, May 24 2023 at 07:45:47AM

...but this "eEyore" did not see it or even understand it. Could this be further proof about this "eEyore"?

I said this: (btw the most important part of my post above)

**Important note: Even if Flickorna does return, we shouldn't hear about "Flickorna's return"**

And yet, this "eEyore" did not get it!!!!!!!!

Yes, the great "Eeyore" would not likely have cared or known about Flickorna being outed back when it happened because, well, that is just another beauty thing about the great "Eeyore". But the great "Eeyore" had many friends and few enemies, and both sides are STILL HERE, and both sides would have informed him about Flickorna's terrible situation and the terrible manner in which Flickorna was outed and was FORCED to disappear. Hence, the great "Eeyore" would have known NOT to put Flickorna Nick OUT THERE like that. Regardless of whether Flickorna is back lurking using one of Flickorna's old nicks here or Flickorna's new nick, the great "Eeyore" would have used back channels to relay information to people "in the know" if Flickorna was here and requested help that way. With the terrible manner in which Flickorna was outed, it is a disaster to have Flickorna's name brought up in public like that. And yet this "eEyore" did not think or see it that way.


Some friendly advice for this "eEyore" and a few others like him about their (fake or real) routine being the "Angry White Men/anti-LGBQ/anti-TRANS" persona they have decided to play in the recent years on a FORUM that is SUPPOSED to be about GIRL-LOVE, you guys may want to tone that down a little if you are requesting help from ummmmm...nevermind.

I just have to get a bigger bag of popcorn, that's all.


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