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Casual profanity of language is a huge turnoff.

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, April 23 2023 at 01:22:31AM
In reply to The beauty of profanity. posted by hierophant on Saturday, April 22 2023 at 2:33:39PM

Language being a tool of expression which can often avoid physical violence. Casual usage dillutes the intended effect, thereby increasing the likelihood of physical altercation as a form of expression for emotion.

Those who use said verbal profanity in a casual manner simply to appear cool or rebelious are a complete bore, as in doing so, they only indicate their own lack of social awareness and constructs.

At the same time, I personally glorify jubilently when somebody who has truly reached the end of their rope, unleashes with a stream of expletives as a way of showing just how long they have been bottling up their true emotions. These words become a needed, clear, and very naked form of expression noticed by everyone, provided it is sincere of course.

Just a personal pet issue splinter deviation from your more general idea.

Girls who engage in casual cursing can turn my gaze away instantly by doing so:p


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