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The beauty of profanity.

Posted by hierophant on Saturday, April 22 2023 at 2:33:39PM

The beauty of profanity.

One of the few areas of speech that are not protected in the United States of America is profanity. We here in the child-lover community are cursed under its rule. Our discussion of the idea that “informed consent” is just a way to dress up the dumb notion that children are pure and innocent and also the idea that sex is a stain on the soul. There is so much beauty in free sex for everyone. The people who don't benefit from free sex are those who want to sell it. That being women and advertisers. Humans have a huge diversity of things that get them aroused. Some of that diversity is scorned or even criminalized. But this diversity is beautiful.

At least the mental health community has embraced much of this diversity. Not all of it of course but much of it. Some of it is rejected based on old outdated notions of purity. But they have made progress.

The two biggest impediments I see to freedom for children and adults are the mass psychosis beliefs in childhood purity and innocence and the stain on the soul.

Look up the channel FreedomToons on youtube with the video What liberals Mean by "Book Banning"

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