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The Frayed Angels of Gaza

Posted by Neutrino on Thursday, April 13 2023 at 9:33:52PM

A poem with accompanying video

The Frayed Angels

the frayed angels shed their wings
and descend into earth’s turmoil
burying their sunlight
in a cloth of sleek and willing flesh

that... incomplete forever
wanders the thirsty deserts of unrequited desire

in dreams sometimes we touch
that place of peace where longing ends

where the long road of countless sleeps
beckons into the cross roads of awakening

the punishment of separation ends
the slaughter of innocence

the ravaged hearts and faces of those who lost their love

there is nothing in this life so sweet
as the touch the embrace of one who has come
across all the vastness of lifetimes
to lie tranquil in your arms

it is as close to paradise as we are permitted to come

here... the casual couplings
the lust of power to possess
are only shadows of this love
ceremonies of torment and loss

for the more one desires
the greater the effort to have and discard
the greater the distance from ones own heart

every living thing struggles to hold
to that one memory of themselves
in which the candle of love
burned however briefly... so brightly

All doubt and hate are merely faith
and love suppressed
And the inability to love worse than any death

Death being only the boat that sails
us through and into the fields of eternal peace
not even the worst of us can avoid this forever
it for this mercy alone that forever exists

there is nothing that you can do
for which he will not forgive you

I wish only that I might linger all of my days in love

Forging that bond that spans all time and change
and washes away for all time
The weakness and stupidities of my fear

Fear, which is all that has ever stood
between me and the ones I loved

Fear that has made a lie so many times
Of the living truth I am
Like all of you an embodiment of god

all possibilities at birth were delivered
into our hands yet we give ourselves into
subjugation to our servants
for ridicule and confinement

Cast out from the castles from where we as kings and queens
ruled all things from within the temple of the heart

cast out into the trackless wastes of our own confusions
amnesia driven hungry and alone
while those created to serve us spill our wine
eat our food and laugh at the ignorance that
has closed our eyes to the beauty of ourselves

never again will I let myself be tormented by fear

the love killer the life killer

Death of a sort comes to us all
no matter who we are we cannot escape that

we can only accept and wonder to whom did it happen?

let go all chains that hold the image down

Earth does not speak unless the spirit flames

these times in which we live
dance like some drunken jester
on the edge of the abyss

great things are within our reach
even as we wait we can see...

the first glimmer of that dawn for which
so long we have waited to see
It has nearly broken me...
but nothing is beyond repair

truly let this moment be your last moment of regret
let your heart see that you have not touched the best times yet

take back your wings no longer
frayed and fallen

let us rise and soar as if no one had ever gone before.


• ( https link ) The Frayed Angels of Gaza

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