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LGs' Eyes Now Digitally Altered For Marketing Ads?

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, April 07 2023 at 03:02:55AM

As the old saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul, and as I can personally attest, people with naturally striking, large or unusual eyes, or even just rare eye color, can often have a mesmerizing effect on others. I can attest from personal experience that little girls who possess this quality have been known to make me fall in love almost instantly, but I suspect it applies to nearly anyone, whomever they happen to be attracted to. It seems to be a primal part of being human.

Fans of anime (not me) are probably thinking "Well, duhh! Tell us something we DON'T know!"

I first noticed this in a fairly recent new television commercial for Babble, a well-known language learning company which I think might be owned by Google. Some woman goes into a Spanish language restaurant and awkwardly asks for food in a completely unrealistic but western-virtuous way. As she sits at her table, an adorable little Latina girl (supposedly the granddaughter of the owner) comes up to her and practices her English skills on her. Focus on her eyes. I submit that they have been altered and enlarged, in order to maximize subconscious feelings of love and approval for the benefit of the product being sold.

Since then, I am now noticing commercials from other large companies that seem to be altering or enlarging the eyes of sweet innocent little girls as they promote their products through actors which most people tend to assume never lie. Doe-eyed little girls fit that category for most people.

What is this, should it turns out to be true? Is it CGI? I am curious in two ways. What sort of program would they be using if it is true, and what is the legality of using false imagery to appeal to known human psychological weakness, strictly for financial gain?

Hoping other GL'ers just start looking for this to see if it's actually true. I'm from the school of Bill Hicks when it comes to devious marketing tactics. A few might understand the old reference.

Sorry for the shitty link. The better one was not the version I saw on television.


• ( https link ) Her eyes when she touches her nose.

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