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Genetically modified children

Posted by paper-doll on Tuesday, March 28 2023 at 10:27:32AM
In reply to I do not agree. posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, March 28 2023 at 04:06:03AM

It's a good thing you won't live long enough to see perfect little girls created in the lab for mommies and daddies to love. Perfect skin, teeth, hair. Supple bodies with just the right distribution of baby fat. That's the future. Real girls, but created by AI.

We'll be a post-natural species in another dozen generations or so . . . if we don't KO ourselves and world governments don't place bans on post-natural birth. So far, we are very hesitant to try our hand at loading the dice of genetic outcome, but I do believe we will find a route there someday. Likely it will start with genetic manipulation for "medical reasons," acclimating entire populations to the fact that most people are somewhat genetically modified anyway. Then one country after another will start making their designer babies. And all the post-natural pedophiles will salivate over those beautiful kiddos created in birthing labs.

Of course, if there's some major genetic component to pedophilia, we'll have a final generation. The Omega Pedophiles. Only the poor peoples of the exploited Global South and the children of conservative religious holdouts will keep popping out MAPs. Until they don't. Until humanity has decided what it wants to ultimately be. And, unless we manage someday to normalize pedophilia at a social level, humanity will never ever allow itself to say it wants to be pedophilic. The option will be off the table.

Let us hope that childlove has little to do with genetics and a lot to do with sexy kids.


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