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What fucking plot?

Posted by Plyushkin on Saturday, March 25 2023 at 09:34:55AM

One poster at VoA, and also my longtime friend, a woman in Germany, said something like this: what if you don't find a perfect allegorical idea -- just say it is so, and move on with your plot?

What fucking plot?

There is no plot outside the allegories. The allegories are the only plot.

What the hell do I care about the psychology of the persons, their background or anything else, or about the "exciting plot twists"? They mean nothing. The name of the main figure could be Jan, pronounced like Yan: it means "a person" in Cantonese. In other words anyone.

It is extremely difficult to base a story only on allegories -- and make them all fit together.

There is no plot outside the allegories.

It is all philosophy, and depth psychology.

This is a very big challenge for me.


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