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A boook

Posted by paper-doll on Tuesday, March 28 2023 at 10:13:57AM
In reply to Yes... posted by Plyushkin on Saturday, March 25 2023 at 9:01:28PM

Cool. Me too.

If you ever need help editing it, let me know. And I will probably need a trusted, child-loving reader in the future to help with edits on my own book.

Also, even if you have an idea, someone else's take on it won't look a whole lot like your own. It's usually safe regardless of how much or how little of the idea you express. Most people want to write a book but have no follow-through. And most actual writers have their own book babies to nurture.

With that said, I don't like to talk too much about my WIPs because I feel I can't express some of the very important aspects, such as style or theme. Plot is only a third of any well-written book. As you well-know, plotless fiction often outshines book-bound, plot-filled trash.

Let me just ask, will this be a pedobook or an off-topic book? I'm always down to read and edit either. But I'd love to eventually help edit a pedomasterpiece.


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