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Not yet, with regard to PM's at this point.

Posted by Eeyore on Thursday, March 16 2023 at 03:35:48AM
In reply to Chat access posted by kratt on Tuesday, March 14 2023 at 0:43:44PM

My personal coding ignorance likely makes my questions rather tedious for our incredibly involved and proactively accommodating techie assistant thus far.

My question to that is or should be, wasn't there someone that still was able to monitor PM's before? I was cool with that person reading them, knowing a non-hater who was also probably not so interested beyond legality... was able to monitor for issues of legal concern.

Now, feeling a move to chat with regard to ability to alter and moderate there, I wonder if it's possible to attain PM's with trust levels over time? After all, the same things once said on the board can be gauged in a chat, possibly even easier with the pressure of real-time replies.

That is a topic still to be discussed. I personally very much dislike the idea of no private messaging for anyone at all for GC's chat. It's a different intent from Lifeline, which is, I think, intended to be open to anyone at all who feels affinity for kids but is also having "issues" with their feelings.

Dunno, still thinking, and trying to come up with best scenarios. Which is why I beg for input from anyone who cares.

On a side note, did you hear about the Hulu thing for Pretty Baby? I read Brooke did a nude shoot at age 10?? I thought it was age seven. Was there a second shoot? /me wants to know! :) FTR, a highly classy traditional girl forever. Recently saw edited Blue Lagoon, or part of it. Gorgeous sweet shy girl, with a highly alcoholic mum. Meh, it is what it is. Glad to have her iconic beauty as a standard!


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