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She sure didn't look 10.

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, March 17 2023 at 06:56:08AM
In reply to Brooke posted by Butterfly Kisses on Thursday, March 16 2023 at 5:54:34PM

The stuff with the bath tub? Maybe my mind is going to soup, but my memory is of a younger girl and hearing she was seven for that photo shoot. She later tried to sue the photographer in middle age or something and it got tossed out of the court.

Hulu? I don't actually watch any of that shit, but glad to hear opinions from anyone who sees it. I only read on some "news" site there was a special about her.

My personal touchstone about what she was actually like in adolescence is only a Johnny Carson interview. She may be 11-13, not sure. I could research it but it doesn't really matter. She is sweet and graceful, but she looks like she definitely doesn't want to be there, and seems scared shitless like she is going to throw up from the utter fear. She is nevertheless gorgeous to me in both looks and personal character. Naturally classy and feminine, even in a situation which is difficult for her. Not exactly an extrovert. That's what I see from those years.

And yet that reality doesn't detract from her for me. She may very well have been pressured into those nudes as a kid. Doesn't mean nudes are bad. It does explain to me that a shy kid with traditional views might feel embarrassed and wronged. And why she naively tried to get them memory-holed later.

Doesn't change another fact that I hope she accepts. Many adult men honestly found her to be jaw-dropping beautiful. And some continued to find other aspects of her nature just as appealing. Things that never fall away.


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