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I think she has dwarf hands:/

Posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 29 2023 at 3:14:18PM
In reply to Kind of happy she is a bit of a bitch... posted by LGsouL on Monday, January 23 2023 at 9:10:09PM

The kind that look like little old man hands? Not what I'd be wanting to look at when she was uhh... well,, anyway.

If she was a little less bratty and self-absorbed, I might overlook those hands and probably a few other features that probably don't actually look like a kid. Too much of an attitude though, plus a sister with purple hair and glasses who's probably vegan and gluten-free with generic "RESIST" raised-fist stickers on her laptop.

None of this would end well, especially if she refused to just take the easy route and pretend to be my daughter in public, and I was instead constantly catching grief from strangers while enduring her tedious brattiness. What would be the point? Sex doesn't (shouldn't) feel good with someone you grow to resent.

And don't even get me started on her refusing to wear the kitten ears, the pigtails and the school uniforms in the bedroom because she doesn't want to role play. Screw that!

In an ironic sort of way, she really is immature for someone who is 23. I dunno, maybe having brain cancer as a kid meant her parents were afraid to discipline her. She may look and sound 8, but she acts like a rude 13-year-old who needs her phone taken away for a few weeks until she learns the world doesn't revolve around her:p

It's funny though.. TLC probably has another hit show on their hands, just like Dance Moms. I wonder what that says about society.

Tim Dillon covered Seana Rae in his podcast this weekend. Not everyone likes that humor, especially making fun of pedo stuff, but I was laughing the entire hour. Talking about "8-year-old pussy" was almost too much:) I won't link it, however.

I wish there were more of these not-deep topic threads, especially about young women whose faults I can ruthlessly point out in support of why I prefer girls:p There used to be.


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