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Shauna Rae

Posted by Dissident on Monday, January 16 2023 at 4:41:21PM
In reply to Shauna Rae posted by Love2uall on Sunday, January 15 2023 at 5:27:15PM

I haven't seen this reality show yet, but Shauna Rae sounds like her situation is being used not to only to spread anti-MAP ideology but as an excuse for her friends and family to control her and justify an extreme mistrust of any guy who dares find her attractive.

I think, to the contrary, they do indeed know how much mean-spirited propaganda can hurt actual MAPs...and they don't care. The fact that you see they seem to conflate fetishists and mentally ill men with genuine GLer's once again shows the willful ignorance on this topic and how popular it is to exercise this type of bigotry.

I feel bad that Shauna Rae has been with controlling men, but that is hardly indicative of actual GLer behavior, as you said. I think that like too many women in general, she is drawn to *challenge* rather than guys with kind behavior. That means even if she was 'normal' she would still have these difficulties.


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