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Hello. I'm still here!

Posted by harbor boy on Saturday, January 14 2023 at 10:38:41PM
In reply to Testing, testing... posted by Dissident on Saturday, January 07 2023 at 6:17:06PM

Hi, Dissident: It's been ages since I've posted here. I kind of dropped out suddenly. It wasn't because I was in any trouble. I was just dealing with depression, and coming to annabelleigh didn't seem to help. And I didn't want to be a depressing poster at the same time. So it just seemed a better idea to stop posting.

I want to say that I've appreciated your mentioning me from time to time on the board. I became a board member on GC shortly after it got up and running. I had been a regular poster on BC. But the interest in girls over there is a lonely one. So I felt comfortable coming over here, and making it my new home.

I notice alot of the people I remember from the previous time are not posting, which shouldn't be a surprise. The times I visited, I noticed you weren't posting. But I decided to check in tonight, and saw a brand new post you had made, and felt I should answer it.

I realize my sudden departure from this site was surprising to people. And I didn't post any follow-ups to explain my sudden absence, which I should have done. But as I said above, I was not in any sort of trouble. I just needed a break. Well, the break lasted longer than I had ever planned.

Having said that, I just want to say that now, I won't be posting all that much here. But I will do it from time to time. Please know that I'm actually OK, and in good health. And I wish you, and all the other posters, all the best! harbor boy

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