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Hello, Eeyore!

Posted by harbor boy on Sunday, January 15 2023 at 8:26:14PM
In reply to harbor boy! posted by Eeyore on Sunday, January 15 2023 at 6:25:15PM

Hello, and thanks for your greeting! I really haven't felt like this in awhile... actually posting on GC, and then being responded to! Well, for me, I haven't felt like this in quite a long time.

Yes, I remember the one and only time we met. And to be honest with you, I hadn't even thought of that day in so long. Yes, as to where it was, it was at Universal's City Walk, in North Hollywood. I believe there were about 5 or 6 of us, and we all got together and had lunch in one of their restaurants. I seem to remember less about what happened after that. I think we may have split up into different groups and walked around Universal City. But what I remember most is eating in that restaurant.

And to be honest with you, I want to apologize for something. You and I spoke...I really wanted to meet you...but then I got so busy talking with one or two other people, I thought afterwards that you might have thought I was ignoring you. And nothing could be further from the truth. And I never actually mentioned it to you subsequently, and felt bad about it. But I'm apologizing now about it...all this time later. It wasn't my intent.

It's so nice to see that little donkey you post. I was always very fond of it. And it's so nice to see it after so long.

As I said, I may not be posting on a regular basis, but I WILL be checking in, any my times away won't be that long. So, thank you for your thoughts, and all the best, harbor boy

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