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She was great

Posted by gingerman23 on Friday, January 13 2023 at 10:06:38PM
In reply to When the girls like a young boy posted by Butterfly Kisses on Wednesday, January 11 2023 at 6:44:39PM

I had a crush on the 7-12 Dakota Fanning. Her old pictures and movies still make me have a crush. She was cute and a great actress. I've had an experience with someone liking a younger guy. Some girl liked Taylor Lautner when he was in Shark Boy and Lava Girl movie. I think it is less weird "to society" for girls and women to like young boys. I remember a boy family member having a shirt that says ladies man. Just accepted a little. No way you will find a girl wearing mans girl. Just how it is. Women are viewed as safe and not a threat. And I'm sure shirts like ladies man aren't taking as serious much. So many double standards. I am the same way when others like a child. Aren't we all hypocrites. Lol.

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