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When the girls like a young boy

Posted by Butterfly Kisses on Wednesday, January 11 2023 at 6:44:39PM

When I was around 14/15 I was with a youth group taking a trip to the beach. On the way back people were talking about crushes with a group of maybe 6 of us one of the girls said she liked Harry Potter. aka Daniel Radcliffe. I unfortunately without thinking said "he's just a kid". Which was hypocritical cause I was very much into kids and liked Hermione. She was very adamant that he was good looking and she would love to date him even though he was a few years younger than her. With her being 14-15 and Danile being 12-13 at the filming though maybe 13-14 at that time. Still it had been the first time I had ever heard a girl saying she was attracted to someone who had not hit puberty. Or at least he looked like he hadn't hit puberty.

If only I could go back to those days. I wasn't very much attracted to those girls at that time. Though looking now at pictures of them they were very pretty. They kept asking me who my crush was and after 10 minutes of prying they never did get it out of me. I mean answering truthfully it probably would have been Dakota Fanning and the girls that were in my personal life though slightly more appropriate were several years younger as well.

Just something I had kind of forgotten about. The only other time I remember females going for someone inappropriately young was at a Justin Bieber album premier or book or something. Ladies even 40 years old were talking how they would make a man of him. At least then I think he was like 13 or so and looked like he had started puberty. One lady even managed to escape the store with the cardboard cut out of him. I can only imagine how she had snuck a 5 foot cut out without being noticed out. Or what she did with it when she got home.

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